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Qube is the world’s first members-only studio for music and content creators. We provide the space, facilities and network needed to create high-quality content effortlessly. A home for a new generation of creator.

Home to over 70 purpose-built studios across 3 sites, our members share by-the-hour access to world class facilities across music, podcast, media and film amidst a community of inspired creators.

Our Story

Our founders met in a dingy studio basement back in 2017. At the time, Amin Hamzianpour and Nicholas Sonuga were both pursuing careers as producers and songwriters. In-between countless hours of bouncing stems and writing melodies, they cultivated a friendship chatting away in a cramped kitchen about their struggles to find the perfect snare sample.

During this period, they started exploring an alternative way of working. One that offered real solutions to the challenges they were both facing.

As creatives, we often feel isolated and even introverts benefit from a little comradery between flow states. So they set out to build a community of like-minded creators, those that would gain from an inspiring and collaborative place to forge their life’s work.

They realised that paying rent for a studio which sat empty for hours each day didn’t make any sense, and was painfully expensive. At the time, the traditional studio models hadn’t caught up with the innovations of digital technology, so producers had two options: either get locked into costly long-term contracts for a shoebox room, or pay extortionate day rates in big studios with equipment they just didn’t need. 

This wasn’t just a problem in music, but across all creative disciplines, with so many of their peers in the same struggle.

So they set out on a mission to design a solution. A hub where creatives can work and socialise under the same roof. Where community and collaboration is cultivated. Where flexibility and affordability comes first. And where inspiration comes easily.

Our Community

We’re a tribe of right-brained, like-minded creators. We dare to dream, we push boundaries and take risks. We exist to create.

 Our members are the creative minds behind your favourite track, podcast or video.

Our community was forged on the pillars of connection and creativity. Made up of a carefully curated ecosystem of musicians, producers, podcasters, youtubers, artists, photographers and creative businesses alike, we champion diversity and inclusivity. 

We take our craft seriously, celebrate each other’s success and strive to shape the culture of tomorrow. 


We believe

All creators should be able to make a living from their art.

Content creation is a real job.

High quality facilities should be flexible and affordable.

Collaboration is the hallmark of creativity.

Our Partners

We’re proud to work in collaboration with some of the creative industries leading brands.

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