Qube Unplugged: Meet the Lineup

Unplugged is back this Thursday at Qube West! We’re celebrating the 1st Birthday of our very own live acoustic showcase with a lineup of stripped-back performances by four talented members of the Qube community. 

From soulful R&B to dreamy pop, read ahead to find out more about the artists taking to the Unplugged stage.



Born in the Netherlands, 19-year-old singer, songwriter and rapper AMVNII sparked her passion for music when she started singing at the age of 3. Influenced by artists such as Jhené Aiko and Byrson Tiller, AMVNII paints pictures with lyrics and finds new ways to connect with those that listen. 

“In my lyrics, my main focal point is writing words which would relate to everyone in a way. Nobody’s perfect and being able to show that through my music is rewarding.”

Her most recent feature on Richh Rgs track ‘pandora’, is upbeat and eccentric in its storytelling of the future. Currently working on a new project, AMVNII hints towards a relatable depiction of moments people go through. 

“It will be a rollercoaster of what I want, what I could and couldn’t be.”


Raised in Derby, 23-year-old Hakeem Diedrick developed a passion for singing and songwriting from a young age. Influenced by the likes of Frank Ocean and Debbie, Diedrick coins his own term “RnDiedrick” to describe the music he makes. 

“I don’t limit myself to any specific category. I like all music which feels soulful.”

Last year saw three powerful single releases by Diedrick, written and produced in collaboration with Stormzy, Snoh Aalegra and Joy Crookes producer, J Warner. Blending the warm tones of classic R&B with a unique modern twist, Diedrick’s first releases reflect the potential of where he is headed. 

Things won’t be slowing down for Diedrick this year. With new music and an EP on the way, Diedrick is one to watch out for on the UK R&B scene. 

Jay Lewn

Jay Lewn is fast gaining momentum as one of the most exciting emerging artists in the UK music scene. Championed by BBC1 Xtra and Apple Music 1, Jay blends elements of both the old and new to create a dreamy and colourful sound. 

Citing Frank Ocean, Prince, David Bowie and Janet Jackson as some of his biggest musical influences, Jay’s music dances around the boundaries of R&B, Pop, Funk and Jazz, creating music which he calls “genrefluid”. 

“I take influence from so many types of music and art forms – I find it hard to pin it down to words. I let my audience decide for themselves.”

Starting the year off with a bang with the release of his most recent single ‘Jupiter’, it’s safe to say that 2023 is going to be an exciting year for Jay. 

“Releasing Jupiter in January marked a change of pace for me. I’m on a couple of new records at the moment before I release my full mixtape project later this year – all recorded at Qube. And I’ll be off to the US for a couple of shows in April.”


21-year-old singer-songwriter Kat from Reading has always felt a calling towards writing. Influenced by the likes of Pip Millett and Mahalia, Kat skilfully combines soulful vocals with meaningful lyrics. 

“The music I make is a blend of soul and pop, but can also be quite dark and real.”

With the help of legendary pop producer Jony Rockstar, whose credits include Amy Winehouse and the Sugababes, Kat is soon to release her first EP.

“I’m currently releasing my debut EP, and have more EP’s in the works. I hope to write on other artists’ projects more frequently too, and perform at larger venues – maybe go on tour.”

Join us this Thursday 30th March at 7:30pm at Qube West (168 Dukes Road, W3 0SL). All Qube Members can RSVP here. 


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