Qube East | DJ Video Streaming & Recording

We’re very excited that as of today you will be able to both record and stream your content using OBS and Logitech Rally cameras in DJ Studios 8 & 9.

Here’s how it works…


Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone! Whether you want to record your progress or stream a live show to your fans,  this setup will work for you. 

How many credits does it cost?

10 credits per hour. 

How do I book an induction? 

If you’re not feeling confident about the studio set-up and you’d like an in-person induction, feel free to book one by messaging the Help Desk on the Qube app and one of the community team will get back to you.

How do I record my content?

Plug your SSD into the USB-C cable provided and set your file path in OBS to record directly to your SSD 

Go to Settings → Output→ Recording Path 

Click the browse button to find your SSD on the computer and select it. 

When you are done recording, eject the SSD and walk away with your full recording. 

How do I stream my content?

Go to Settings → Stream→  Enter your stream key or log into the Twitch account that you would like to stream from. 

If you log into your personal account make sure to log back out again! 

Where can I submit my feedback?

This is our first time working with the Logitech Rally cameras and OBS in conjunction so we want your feedback on how to add, improve and make this the ultimate space for you. If you have any thoughts or equipment requests, drop your comments here.


As always, if there are any additional questions feel free to ask a member of the Qube team via the Help Desk section on the app.

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